About Kimberly

Hey there, woman. I’m Kimberly Lovelady and I’m a professional high-performance life and business coach. Improving the lives of my fellow women through education and service is what lights me up. My goal is to help one woman at a time, no matter where she’s at.


And trust me, not too long ago, I was right where you are now.


There I was, with a super successful career as a health professional. Two beautiful children. A wonderful husband.


On paper, it all looked picture perfect.


But on the inside, I was crumbling. I felt lost, confused and drowning in overwhelm. I was so stressed out that my hair was falling out (100% serious).


I was a mess.


I loved being a mother and a wife, and I was so grateful for everything that life had given me…but I still wasn’t happy. And I was in a total guilt and shame spiral over it. I had lost myself somewhere around the way. My identity outside of the roles I was playing was nowhere to be found.


But I still kept cruising along on autopilot. Until one day, I got a big wakeup call.


My very close friend and business confidant  took her own life. I was devastated. My world was turned upside down. I couldn’t focus. I couldn’t stop thinking that my dear friend looked like she had it all...but was in actuality silently suffering inside.


That was it for me.


The last straw.


My friend's death was a glaring reminder that life doesn’t last forever. And that this isn’t a dress rehearsal. I was done keeping quiet and stuffing down how I was really feeling about my own life.


I took a step back and realized that I had been making choices all along based on what I thought I needed to do and on how I thought I needed to be seen in the world. And even though a lot of those choices brought me financial success, professional accolades and an incredible family, on the inside, I wasn’t really fulfilled. I had been so busy trying to PROVE myself and keeping up with the demands of life as usual, that I had no idea who the hell I was anymore.


I knew I had to figure out my mini-identity crisis and get back to ME. I had to rediscover who I was and what I wanted. I had to become the CEO of my own destiny.  What was I waiting for?


I reached out to my holistic doctor, started journaling and began to focus on small, daily acts of self-love.


I fed myself foods that nourished my mind and body and I started doing things that brought me joy. I started to experiment with new things…as a full-blown city girl now living in a rural town, I was shocked to find I loved digging my hands into the earth and working in my garden. I got brave, let go of society’s expectations and stepped outside the box I’d been trapped in for so long.  I shifted my business in a way that felt more aligned with my heart and soul. Boom! I found my happy place.


Now, I want to help you do the same.


A social-behavioral epidemiologist by training, I transitioned into holistic lifestyle coaching because I believe society is ready for a BIG mindset shift--and that shift starts one person and one tiny action at a time.


I founded Fundamental Health Solutions in 2011 and since have helped thousands of individuals, couples and families through my healthy living consultancy. 


Now I’m bringing my curriculum and coaching services to high-minded women seeking healthier, happier lives with Lovelady University. I’ve combined my proven, proprietary teaching method, my advanced degrees in biology, public health, and social work, and my personal life experience to build programs where massive change possible.


Improving the lives of my fellow women through education and service is what lights me up. I would be honored to support, teach and serve you! You don’t have to do this alone.


With so much love,



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